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Welcome! Let’s get you set up.

Registering as an artist? You’re almost there. Just follow the two steps below.

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Sign up for an account

First, click the button below to sign up for a new base account. As an artist, you might love another artist’s work and want to buy it, for which you’d need a base account. If you already have a CO2ign account, you can skip straight to step 2.

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Switch to an artist account

Next, get your account ready to upload and sell your art. In this step, you’ll choose your store name (which is what will become part of the signature for art sold from your store). Also, please follow the link to the social media verification page when prompted, and enter at least one social media account where you generally post your art.

If you haven’t received an email invite, you can still register as an artist, but you’ll be put on the waitlist.
We aim to open up artist registrations more widely in mid-2022, so register today for the latest updates!