New: Open for Commissions and Delete your Art

July 11, 2022
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Now Accepting Commissions: You!

If you’ve ever wished there was somewhere to browse a gallery of artists currently taking commissions, then we have some exciting news: artists can now let visitors to CO2ign know at a glance whether they’re open for commissions by turning on this feature in their artist profile! 

When an artist has this option set, an “Open for commissions!” link will be visible in their store header; when viewing the All Artists’ page, visitors will see a green “Comms Open” badge on their store banner:

"Open for Commissions" appears under the Store name on an Artist's profile when this feature is enabled.
A "Comms Open" badge will be placed at the top right of an artist's Store banner when this feature is enabled.

Enabling “Open for Commissions”

Artist Dashboard can be found from the drop-down under your login.
  1. When logged in as an artist, go to your Artist Dashboard, then to your settings page

  2. Scroll to beneath the store-banner selection area. Check the box for whether you are open for commissions. 
The "Open for Commissions" option is a small check box. There is a freeform text field for a link to where your commission information lives.
  1. Enter a link to where your commission information lives, such as your carrd or a pinned tweet

    You’ll eventually be able to add this information to your CO2ign profile; in the meantime, make sure you’ve added a link, otherwise, interested buyers won’t be able to contact you!

You may also wish to add your social media profiles or other links to your CO2ign account, so visitors know how and where they can contact you if you haven’t! You can find these options under the Links section of your Artist Dashboard.

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art by Rita Vigovszky

Mistakes were Made

You can now remove accidental duplicates, incorrectly-posted drafts, or any images in your gallery that you’d no longer like to offer without needing to submit a support request.

Delete Your Art

The "delete" option is located under the work's title, next to "edit"
  1. When logged in as an artist, go to your Artist Dashboard.

  2. Find the piece of art you’d like to remove and select “Delete”, located under the work’s title. That’s it! 

Thanks for your patience while we updated this crucial feature!

We hope these updates make your CO2ign gallery even more fun and useful! If you experience any issues or have any questions about them, please contact us at

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