Livestream Wrap-Up

August 5, 2022

Thanks again

to everyone who stopped by and hung out with us for our first digital art livestream in honor of Earth Overshoot Day!

We had a great time talking to our streamers about their projects, and watching each piece come together was soothing and so interesting. Good vibes all around!

We got to see a number of interesting techniques, such as RubyDian’s underpainting, as well as a spread of programs–Photoshop, Procreate, and Clipstudio all made an appearance.

We’ll have a polished version of the livestream produced and released in a few weeks to accompany the finished pieces of art, but in the meantime, the recorded youtube video is available with the time codes for each artist included below. We’ll also include more about our fundraising efforts when the produced recording is available.

In between each segment is our intermission content – an interview with our CEO and founder, the CO2ign promo video, and content from our charity, Clean Air Task Force – please check them out as well!

Screencap of Tycho's livestream

08:50 – 01:19:00

Tycho Dorian
Title: Gemini
Program: Photoshop

Screencap of Pypah's livestream

01:35:25 – 03:33:55

Pypah’s Art

Title: Summer Days
Program: Procreate

Screencap of ChemicalJunkie's livestream

03:49:07 – 05:58:58

Program: Procreate

06:14:45 – 07:53:52

Title: A Nap in Nature
Program: Procreate

A screencap of RubyDian's livestream

07:19:29 – 09:04:12

Piece: Meeting with the Master of Owls
Program: Photoshop

A screencap of Rebel MaryLou's livestream

09:13:58 – 10:05:00

Rebel Marylou
Program: ClipStudio