CO2ign is the new owner of NeonMob!

April 24, 2023

Great! What’s NeonMob?

NeonMob is digital art platform that combines art collection with the fun of opening a pack of trading cards. In January, NeonMob announced that they would sadly be shutting their doors – and we reached out immediately to see how we could help, since a giant community of passionate art lovers are our kind of people! We’re thrilled to be able to finally announce that the torch has officially been passed on to us.

In the decade it’s existed, NeonMob’s enthusiastic user base of over 200,000 collectors and 13,000+ artists have created, collected, and traded thousands of unique decks–with new sets being released (until recently) every week.

How to check out NeonMob

NeonMob is free to play with an optional paid subscription; it’s super easy to get started and we super recommend giving it a try – it’s a lot of fun!  We’re also running a limited-time promotion on annual Pro subscriptions, if the six free daily packs don’t cut it for you.

Today is the official site relaunch, so head over to NeonMob to check out some brand-new set releases, read our announcement on where we’ll go from here, and get started with your collection!

And to get you started right, here are some promo codes for the series released today – pick up a pack without counting against your free limit for the day:

  1. Get to Know CO2IGN:
  2. Futurism by Francesa Harvie:
  3. Race Dog Vol 1 by Manu Pretonarie:
  4. Weyiirdmunnx by Kaamuz Sumaak:

For those of you who are artists, creating your own deck is fun and straightforward. The minimum is 15 similar-themed works, though decks CAN have hundreds of possible cards. Check out the Popular Series page for examples and inspiration!

What’s Happening with CO2ign Art?

In the coming months we won’t be releasing any new CO2ign Art features, as we work to improve NeonMob and get the site running smoothly, but everything else will continue to operate as normal, with the new gallery and collection features making it easier to enjoy your purchased artwork. 

And of course, we’ll still be here to support our CO2ign artists – please reach out to us any time at or via our social media if you have questions or issues!